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Subscription Overview

The Square Subscriptions overview video was based on a concept of “connected fulfillment”. We achieved this by moving the plot from one scene to the next with each character passing on a narrative baton of fulfillment needs. Square Subscriptions allows each character to meet the otherwise stressful needs of their everyday lives simply and swiftly. From a yoga studio to a coffee shop, and finally to a home’s front stoop with waiting monthly wine and pet subscriptions, we were able to hit on our major verticals while telling a charming story. All in the service of proving that just about any business can start a subscription business with Square Subscriptions. 

Deliverables & management

Direction on concept
Remote shoot & direction
Storyboarding with vendor & production house
1 video in all locals

My role: Creative Director
Team: 1 copywriter, 1 designer, 1 PM, 1 producer, Vidico Production agency


Video highlights.

Process available upon request.

Creative direction snippets
Subs - CD (1).png
Subs - CD2.png
Email marketing
Square Subscriptions Email 1 Desktop.png
Square Subscriptions Email 3 Desktop.png
Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 11.47_edited.jpg


Video - Vidico

Copywriter - Scott Polhemus

Creative Director - Erin Robert

Producer - Alex Friedman

Designer - Jared Kitade

Project manager - Olivia Gericke

Dachshund - Rex 

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