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Whisk by Samsung

Project overview:

In March 2019, Samsung Next acquired Whisk with the intention of integrating food software into their smart fridge product. As an Art Director, I played a pivotal role in the rebranding of Whisk. My responsibilities encompassed redesigning the brand's visual elements, including crafting a new logo, selecting a fresh color palette, choosing appropriate fonts, and directing unique brand photography. These brand components were transformed into assets for advertising campaigns, as well as a two tailored websites catering to both B2C and B2B audiences.

Deliverables & management

  • Photoshoot

  • Website x2

  • Social campaign assets

  • Brand identity & guidelines

My role: Art Director

Team: Copywriter, Interactive designer, Creative Director, Agency

Project highlights.

Process available upon request.

Brand Identity
Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 10.02.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 10.02.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 10.02.58 AM.png
B2C website
B2B website
Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 9.59.22 AM.png
Custom photoshoot: modular food to be pulled out onto different backgrounds
Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 10.03.10 AM.png
Plating in action
Social holiday post


Art Director - Erin Robert

Creative Director - Benjamin Bethurum

Interactive designer - Kirill Pavlov

Marketing Manager - Rachel Kalt

Chef - Loreal Gavin

Photographer - Jessica Ebelhar

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