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Pretty Bird Testimonial

Square's partner developers play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to tailor their Square experience to meet their unique needs. Through collaborative efforts, these developers effectively customize the Square platform, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their clients' business requirements. To celebrate the power of this collaboration and ignite inspiration for future endeavors, we embarked on the creation of a bespoke testimonial video accompanied by a captivating photo shoot. 

Our behind-the-scenes exploration focused on a compelling story—a custom software solution for kiosk ordering and kitchen display systems (KDS). Through this narrative, we shed light on the inspiring journey of a husband and wife duo behind Pretty Bird, an acclaimed restaurant in Salt Lake City renowned for its award-winning HOT chicken sandwiches. We highlighted their valuable partnership with Flash Order, their trusted developer business partners. Their story served as a testament to the profound impact that collaboration within the Square ecosystem can have on driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Video/Photoshoot highlights.

Process available upon request.

A few selects...
Behind the scenes
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 12_edited.jpg


Video - Ghost Robot

Photographer - Shaughn & John

Copywriter - Kate Catenella

Creative Director - Erin Robert

Producer - Alex Friedman

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