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Meta x Square

Project overview:

Square Online's integration with Meta has opened up new opportunities for Square sellers to expand their presence across all Meta platforms. To support this exciting development, my team was assigned the responsibility of creating engaging social media content, encompassing copywriting, design, and motion.

In order to effectively demonstrate the seamless transition from offline to online shopping, we featured two types of retail Square sellers. This allowed us to showcase a range of products while seamlessly incorporating the user interface (UI) elements. By doing so, we visually conveyed the journey from physical retail to the convenience of online shopping through Square Online.

Our messaging, "Grow / Become local anywhere anytime," conveyed the idea that Square empowers sellers to expand their local presence and thrive in any location, at any time.

With a focus on simplicity and impact, our team aimed to create meaningful email and social assets that resonated with audiences and effectively communicated the benefits of Square's integration with Meta.

Deliverables & management

  • Social animated posts translated into all locals

  • Due to the localization the posts had to be easy to digest, and gave room for translations even for the longest languages

  • My team played with motion to help illustrate the connection from in real life products to Square online

My role: Associate Creative Director

Team: Copywriter, Interactive designer, Motion designer, Project manager, Product marketing manager, Meta partner

Project highlights.

Process available upon request.

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