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Groupon x Square

Project overview:

Groupon's platform opens doors for sellers to promote their brand for free and acquire valuable new customers at a low cost. The integration between Square Appointments x Groupon facilitates easy and automated bookings management between the products. We wanted to play with Groupon’s stigma of one-off customers in a fun way, while driving home the opportunity of 25 million customers with this free integration. Through a cheeky headline and unusual photography we believed sellers would see the potential of customers trying new things, and ultimately come back for more.

Deliverables & management

  • Emails, social, in-app banners, and images for blog post

  • Concept development for various verticals

  • Photography 

My role: Associate Creative Director

Team: Copywriter, Interactive designer, Project manager, Product marketing manager

Project highlights.

Process available upon request.

Groupon-Partner-Campaign-Email 1.png
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