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Square Unboxed 2022

What is Square Unboxed?


Square Unboxed is a yearly conference. It went from being in-person to virtual due to the pandemic. My team & I were tasked to develop an engaging look & feel that could scale across all assets, while at the same time maintaining consistency & direction with our vendors. The target audiences are developers & partners with the goal of creating inspiration, connections, and promoting the latest Square technology. This was the 3rd Square Unboxed I have lead at Square, and it is starting to become the brand of the event.


My role: Creative Director

Team: 2 copywriters, 4 designers (2 contractors), 2 PMs, 1 Production Designer, 1 Design Technologist, 1 Art Director, 2 agencies, 1 event platform, and many cross-functional stakeholders.

Event highlights.

Process available upon request.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 11.06_edited.png
Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 11.32_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 2.19_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 11.16_edited.jpg
Scalable design system
ub22 - Frame 1.png

Digital marketing


Project Manager - Olivia Gericke

Art Director - Rachel Mendelson

Creative Director - Erin Robert

Program Manager - Christina Forrstrom

Copywriter - Scott Polhemus

Interactive Designer - Jared Kitade

Design Technologist - Ayo Suber

Motion Designer - Chris Mah

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