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Developer ReBrand

Project overview:

In January 2023, Square faced the task of launching a 2FA campaign to educate its users about an upcoming security login. My team and I successfully delivered the assets for the campaign, which included a dedicated landing page to inform users about the importance of two-step verification and a resource guide on how to set up the process. By adding subtle layered UI animations to the page, we were able to keep the content engaging while offering educating the users. We also created in-app banners, along with a series of emails to promote the 2FA initiative.

By February 8th, Square received nearly 17,000 hits on their conversion event for enabling 2FA. This translates to a conversion rate of around 2-3% from users who clicked the banner to actually enabling 2FA. After reviewing the data with the product marketing manager, we learned that the conversion rate would improve if we simplified the 2FA enablement flow to offer only one option. Which soon after improved the conversions.

Deliverables & management

  • Email in all locals

  • Landing page in all locals

  • Copy & messaging alignment 

My role: Associate Creative Director

Team: 1 copywriter, 1 designer, 1 motion designer, 1PM

Project highlights.

Process available upon request.

Moments of delight

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